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Yoga mat Soft "Asana" 6 mm, classic and comfortable by Yogistar eco
Yogamat extra soft 6 mm Yogistar Bordeaux red rood
Kundalini yoga mat extra thick dik 6 mm rood
Yogistar extra soft mat Salland yoga yogamat red
Yoga mat Soft "Asana" 6 mm, classic and comfortable by Yogistar eco
Orange yogamat kundalini yoga mat soft mat yogistar
Royal Blue blauw yogamat soft 6 mm kundalini yogamat
Yoga mat Soft "Asana" 6 mm, classic and comfortable by Yogistar eco

Yoga mat Soft "Asana" 6 mm, classic and comfortable by Yogistar eco

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This comfortable yogamat is the mat we use in the Salland Yoga studio. Because we all liked them so much, I decided to sell them here, too. Due to it's extra thickness of 6mm it is very comfortable. The non-slippery surface comes in handy for the more challenging asana's. It's still quite light weight and easy roll up, I have taken with me on several festivals and outdoor classes. 

We have the bordeaux and Royal Blue colour in stock, shipping within 2-3 businessdays. The orange colour will take about 2 weeks to arrive. Please inform if you are in hurry, we are always here to see what is possible. 

NL: Dit is de yogamat die wij gebruiken in onze Salland Yoga studio. Omdat we de mat zo fijn vinden heb ik besloten de mat ook te koop aan te bieden. De mat is net iets dikker dan de meeste matten en voelt daarom erg prettig aan. Door de afgeronde hoeken blijft de mat ook na lang gebruik mooi, geen rafels of losse randjes. Ook is de mat aangenaam stroef dus als je lekker in de downwarddog staat kan je gewoon nog even blijven staan, je handen of voeten glijden niet weg. 


Our yogamat yogimat asana offers highest comfort for all those who like it a bit softer, due to its 6 mm thickness and a width of 66 cm. The round-edged yogamat has a non-slippery surface and is made of solid, yet very comfortable material, seamed elegantly with cotton cloth around the edges.

The yogamat yogimat asana is especially suitable for yogis and yoginis with high demand, due to its thickness of 6 mm and its comfortable width. It is isolating well from the floor and can be rolled or folded to support your yoga excersises.
The yogimat asana is free from any poisonous or harmful substances.

Care: You can clean your yogimat asana simply with a moist cloth or wash it in the washing machine with a maximum of 40°, using a soft detergent. The yogamat should never be tumbled or dried in the machine. To dry your yogamat, simply lay it in a flat manner, or roll it up with a towel inside. To improve the great anti-slippery properties, you can wipe the yogamat with a moist cloth before using it. However, please be careful: if the mat is too wet, there is a danger of being slippery!

Measures: 185 x 66 cm. Thickness: 6 mm.
Colours: Bordeaux / Mango Orange / Royal Blue